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Your order will be delivered at your registered delivery address in 4-7 working days.
Returns period.
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Damaged in transit? Call helpline 9341593417 or write to within 24 hours of the receipt of the product. Product not working? report the fault to the nearest Authorized Service Center of the brand you purchased within 7 days of invoice. The DoA resolution will be done as per the standard policy of the product manufacturer.
Zero bills for next 24 months
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On Zero plan, you get Unlimited STD & Local Calls, 3K SMS, Data, & Roaming Free every month for next 24months.
* Mobile phone shall be made available and delivered by Girnar NewTel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Reliance Communications doesn't sell or deliver mobile phone.
* Order acceptance and delivery is subject to stock availability at Girnar NewTel Solutions Pvt. Ltd.